Issues that matter

Praise from Australia.

For some time I have had the intention of writing to congratulate the editorial team. Inertia stopped me. I am a life member of the Society with nearly 50 years experience as a clinical psychologist. Living in the Antipodes, that isolated island called Australia, I greatly appreciate reading The Psychologist. At 80 years of age, I no longer practise but still use information from journals for discussions and lectures. It is much easier for me to pick up a magazine from my living room table to read when I feel like it than to turn up my computer, much easier to read than the screen.

What I like about the recent editions of The Psychologist is engagement with real issues that affect society. I have not much patience with inward looking discussions that have nothing of universal interest – even if some of that is necessary. I do not think we should shrink from engagement with political issues. I have found that The Psychologist is, on the whole, more relevant to my current needs than other publications. However there is a good research article in the February issue of the British Journal of Psychology by three Polish psychologists, ‘Many faces of dogmatism’. Although the sample is small and restricted in scope, this article touches on an extremely important issue in general society. That is the kind of article that I have in mind about not shrinking from comment on issues that matter.
Good wishes, be brave.

Mark W. Blows
Kincumber, NSW

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