April 2017

Martin Seager is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with Change, Grow, Live, and Branch Consultant with the Central London Samaritans.
The Psychologist A to Z continues.
Andrew P. Wickens (a winner of the British Psychological Society’s Book Award) considers their historical significance.

The history of neuroscience is rarely taught in universities, and few books trace developments from the ancient past to the present. Here, I present five of my favourite illustrations from my...

Nicky Clayton and Clive Wilkins on memory and perception – and how we know which way we are facing.

If we could tell you where you were going and how you could get there, would you want to know?

Jonathan Myers looks at how we make choices.

An onslaught of possibilities assaults your senses every day. Incredibly diverse scenarios demand your attention – you must consider the pros and cons, and navigate towards the best choice....

Nora S. Newcombe looks beyond literacy and numeracy.

An increasing body of evidence suggests spatial skills are important, so how do children learn them and how can we enrich that experience?

Helen E. Ross (University of Stirling) remembers the academic and former President of the British Psychological Society.
We speak of Dr Sarita J. Robinson about her chapter in a new book 'Doctor Who Psychology', published by Sterling; reprint the chapter; and George Sik reviews the book.
An appreciation from Vic Dulewicz and Clive Fletcher.
Dr Mike Rennie responds to previous correspondence.