August 2017

The psychology of self-driving vehicles, with Stephen Skippon and Nick Reed.

Self-driving or autonomous vehicles (AVs), once the stuff of science fiction, are poised to become reality. Automotive manufacturers are progressively automating more and more aspects of...

An appreciation from colleagues.
Jon Sutton meets Adrian Owen to discuss his new book, Into the Grey Zone.
Dr Patrick Waterson (Loughborough University) meets Professor Andrew Hale from Health and Safety Technology and Management.
Hamira Riaz’s talk to the BPS London and Home Counties Branch in April – ‘Breaking down the silos: What can occupational psychology learn from clinical psychology (and vice versa)’ – reflected a theme in many recent careers interviews. Ian Florance met her.
Some psychologists are past masters at the ‘portfolio career’, thinking about and applying psychology in hugely varied places. Ian Florance met husband and wife team Barry and Ann Cripps, at the Society’s London offices, to draw on their huge experience.
Ella Rhodes with a follow up.
Ella Rhodes reports on an ESRC award for Professor Amina Memon.
Ella Rhodes reports.
Ella Rhodes reports on a Fellowship scheme that helps academics return after a career break.