December 2017

Our editor Jon Sutton meets Marcus Munafò, winner of the British Psychological Society’s Presidents’ Award, Professor of Biological Psychology at the University of Bristol, and a key player in the debate over replication and open science.
Clinical psychologist Dr Rachel Happer on her role as Head of the National Confidential Forum.

For many years those who spent time in the institutions of Scotland struggled to have a voice, particularly when silenced by abuse and maltreatment. Following determined campaigning by those...

Sally Marlow and Hilary Brodsky review 'Gin for Breakfast' at the Tristan Bates Theatre.
Basma Alharthy visits an exhibition at the Barbican Art Gallery.
Can both fiction and non-fiction restore it?
Amy Orben on Jean Twenge's new book.
Paul Moloney reviews 'The Masses are the Ruling Classes' by William Epstein.
Money available to prevent disease.
Ella Rhodes reports from the British Psychological Society's seventh annual Stories of Psychology event.