Mind awards

Ella Rhodes reports.

This year’s Mind Media Awards, which honour the best portrayals and reporting of mental health in the media, saw Professor Green, ITV and many journalists receive awards for their work.

Among the many notable winners were My Baby, Psychosis and Me, which won the documentary award for its portrayal of two women who suffered from postpartum psychosis. Journalists were also honoured for their work in bringing mental health stories to the public eye; Michael Buchanan was presented with the award for journalist of the year for his collection of original stories for BBC News illustrating the significant problems at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Stephen Manderson, better known as musician Professor Green, was awarded the Making a Difference award for his dedication to campaigning about men’s mental health through his documentaries, music, autobiography and media work. Professor Green has committed to putting a spotlight on male suicide, his documentary Professor Green: Suicide and Me, also featured leader of the University of Glasgow’s Suicidal Behaviour Research Lab Professor Rory O’Connor.

Green said: ‘I realised that the biggest part of the problem with the stigma that surrounds mental health issues, and in particular suicide, is that people don’t admit how they feel, they’re not honest about it so I just thought ‘spit it out’. I think the most important thing is that we raise awareness, and after awareness will come understanding.’ 

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