June 2017

In the run-up to the 2017 UK General Election, we collected links to coverage in our June edition and much more.
Patric Esters on cultural challenges and possible universals.
Karen M. Douglas, Chee Siang Ang and Farzin Deravi on conspiracy theories and fake news on social media.
The deliberate publication of fictitious information, hoaxes and propaganda on social media – 'fake news' has become one way so-called conspiracy theories are spread. Could psychology hold the key to...
From the writer who sparked our debate on mental health revelations from practitioners.
John Edwards writes.
Ella Rhodes speaks to psychologists leading the way in the replication revolution.
New collection from the Richard Benjamin Trust.
Running an interactive workshop for children.
The Psychologist returns to the festival.
Ella Rhodes on EU funding and the importance of science.