June 2017

Pamela Jacobsen emerges well rested from sleeping with the fishes: experiencing Max Richter's 'Sleep' at Old Billingsgate, London.
Kawthar Alli visits 'Hearing Voices: Suffering, Inspiration and the Everyday', an exhibition at Palace Green Library, Durham.
The Psychologist A to Z continues.
Simon Goodman reviews an unusual dramatic take on the 'refugee crisis'.
Kate Johnstone reviews S-Town.
One on One with Joanna Griffin.

Joanna Griffin is a Chartered Psychologist working at SurvivorsUK, for men who have experienced sexual abuse. She is a clinical supervisor at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling....

We meet Nicki Morley.

Psychologists – like many other professionals – change their jobs more quickly these days and are involved in areas that might have seemed unconventional to practitioners even 20 years ago....

Alastair Nightingale, Simon Goodman and Sam Parker seek more prominence for psychological perspectives on the refugee crisis in Europe.

Psychology as a discipline is not always seen as relevant when it comes to drawing up policies about immigration. Yet psychological theory goes to the core of the debate.

Poppy Noor meets Michal Kosinski, psychologist, data scientist and Professor at Stanford University
Ashley Weinberg considers how psychology can inform the design and restoration of the physical spaces in which our political processes take place.

The Palace of Westminster, is crumbling. Psychologists can play a part in rebuilding it, and other similar spaces, as physical embodiments of democratic ideals.