Making a difference

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Uta Frith and Richard Nisbett reveal the roots and fruits of their most famous contributions, introduced by Robert Sternberg; plus online extras, from Adrian Furnham, Michael Gazzaniga and Susan Fiske.

A new book published by Cambridge University Press, Scientists Making a Difference, includes 100 autobiographical essays from some of psychology’s most prominent scholars. Here, one of its editors, Robert J. Sternberg, tops and tails three of the chapters, followed by online extras. 

When I was a graduate student, I often wondered how I could get from where I was as an unknown quantity to where eminent scientists like my advisers were. I was not even sure, at that point, what it was that the field of psychological science looked for to recognise a scientist as ‘eminent’. In Scientists Making a Difference, I book-end the 100 contributions with some thoughts of my own on the characteristics of both the work that led to


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