Ubiquitously portable

Praise for our relaunch!

I’m rather tardy in writing regarding the January issue but I’ve been meaning to say how serendipitous it was to be extremely grateful for The Psychologist while reading the very issue about relaunching and the importance of magazines.

In rather a hurry I had to take my octogenarian father to A&E several weeks ago. I took The Psychologist with me and prepared for an uncertain wait. While I sat on the floor of a tiny cubicle, waiting for Dad to get a bed in Majors, it was lovely to read to him Rosalind Ridley’s fascinating article about J.M. Barrie. Not only did it while away the time, but Dad (who has trained in counselling and transpersonal psychology) and I got the opportunity to discuss psychological ideas, and be reminded of happier times watching Peter Pan at Wimbledon Theatre. As the wait continued, I was truly grateful for Charles Fernyhough’s article on the Middle Ages exhibition.

I for one am very happy about the continued existence of the ubiquitously portable Psychologist!

Neia Glynn
Surbiton, Surrey

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