May 2017

Our journalist Ella Rhodes talks to psychologists for evidence-based tips. The Guide is kindly sponsored by Staffordshire University.
Michael S.C. Thomas on the cognitive neuroscience of socio-economic status.
Christopher Macy writes.
Another response to Professor Elizabeth Meins' 'Overrated/Underrated' article in the January edition.
The Academy of Social Sciences has announced 47 new Fellows, including four psychologists nominated by the British Psychological Society.
Society awards for Anne Cooke and Joanna North.
British Psychological Society award for Dr Anne-Lise Goddings.
Awards for Dr Rachael Jack and Dr Claire Haworth.
Ella Rhodes poses the questions to the Chief Executive and Board Director of the Behavioural Insights Team.
Psychologists included in announcement from BBC Radio 3 and the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Ella Rhodes reports.