November 2017

The latest from Nicola Gale.
Martin Gemmell on educational psychology north of the border.
Alexandra Pentaraki responds to our online piece.
A response to an August article.
A response to our ethics debate in the September issue.
Carole Allan's appreciation for the British Psychological Society's retiring Chief Executive.
We speak to Professor Reg Morris.
New from Routledge is 'Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, The International Handbook'. With 626 pages in 43 chapters from 18 different countries, it was a mammoth undertaking for editors Barbara A. Wilson, Jill Winegardner, Caroline M. van Heugten and Tamara Ownsworth. Here, they outline some of the challenges.
Claire Harris reviews High Tide, Low Tide: The Caring Friend’s Guide to Bipolar Disorder, by Martin Baker & Fran Houston (Nordland; Pb £12.99)