November 2017

Assistant Professor Ali Mattu (Columbia University) reviews Blade Runner 2049.
Six contributions consider how the pace of economic, technological, social and environmental change requires a re-evaluation of how we work now and in the future
Our editor Jon Sutton meets Professor Kavita Vedhara (University of Nottingham)
Dr Joanna North, winner of the Society’s Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Psychology; what lessons can be drawn from 10 years of running an Ofsted-registered adoption support agency?
Vivienne Laidler with an introduction to acceptance and commitment therapy through the literary work Room on the Broom, by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler; is the popular children’s book a fable of third wave cognitive and behavioural therapy in disguise?
Sue Fletcher-Watson considers the future of knowledge exchange in psychology

Knowledge exchange is a buzz-phrase in psychology, but remains elusive and difficult to achieve. Amid widespread distrust of ‘experts’ and systematic attempts to undermine the very concept of...

Angela Deegan listens to the 'Sword and Scale' podcast.
Ella Rhodes reports from the British Psychological Society’s Division of Health Psychology Annual Conference in Cardiff.
Madeleine Pownall (University of Lincoln) watches the BBC3 mini-series Overshadowed.