October 2017

Our editor Jon Sutton meets Professor Erica Burman (University of Manchester).
Jennifer Cleland finds new perspectives on medical training, which could be used more widely in psychology too.

This is a story of how open-mindedness transformed a study, opening up a new area of research. It’s about the different demands of a field that isn’t the one you trained in. And it’s about how...

The Developmental Research Team at the University of Stirling explain why they love their psychology kindergarten.

Amongst run-of-the-mill offices in the Division of Psychology at the University of Stirling nestles a suite of rooms entirely dedicated to accommodating a fully operational (and occasionally...

Sarah Mackenzie Ross considers whether exposure to chemical substances could be damaging your brain.

Environmental and industrial chemicals could be having an impact on psychological wellbeing. Should healthcare professionals be receiving training in toxicology?

Professor Sophie Scott to deliver prestigious annual talks.
Our editor Jon Sutton thoroughly enjoys the Annual Conference of the Social Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society.
Ella Rhodes reports in the wake of the clashes in Charlottesville.
The Edinburgh Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival, has attracted an increasing amount of performers to explore the topic of mental health. In recognition, this year for the first time there is a Mental Health Fringe Award, initiated to encourage and trigger conversations surrounding the stigma of mental health as well as to reconstruct the perceptions of getting help. We asked Tanya Bhayani to review some of the exciting performances on offer.
Samantha Wratten watches 'No More Boys and Girls: Can our Kids go Gender Free?'