April 2018

Claire Elliott considers the significance of ‘electronic voice phenomena’.

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) describes the anomalous speech-like sounds often found on electronic recordings. A staple in our modern diet of 'ghost-hunting’ programmes, EVP may be of...

What’s it like to never forget? Jack Dutton investigates ‘highly superior autobiographical memory’.

People with highly superior autobiographical memory can remember vast spans of their lives, often from an early age. How rare is this condition, what are the causes, and is it a blessing or a...

Anna Collard-Scruby on her work as a Senior Human Factors Specialist with NATS, the UK-based air traffic control company, in Prestwick.

Prestwick Air Traffic Control Operations Centre is a room reminiscent of NASA’s mission control. A team of around 500 air traffic controllers and support staff work with flights from as far...

Alexandra Tyler meets Beverley Barclay MBE, Director of Clinical Services at the J’s Hospice in Essex, a community hospice caring for young adults with life-limiting conditions.
We are trialling a new scheme to identify and nurture new 'voices in psychology'. Tell us why we need psychology, and what psychology needs, and you could be part of it. Updated for 2019.
An appreciation from Dr Gloria Babiker.