From the 2018 Annual Conference

A round-up of reports.

A collection of reports from the British Psychological Society event in Nottingham in May, with thanks to our authors: Kate Brennan-Rhodes, Gail Kinman, Ella Rhodes, Jon Sutton, and Lexie Thorpe.

'It's not a crisis, it's a reformation'
Ella Rhodes reports from Brian Nosek's opening keynote at the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference.

Nipping anxiety in the bud
Ella Rhodes reports from a keynote at the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference from Cathy Creswell.

The humble experts
Our editor Jon Sutton reports from the student stream

Making results dead currency
Our editor Jon Sutton reports from a symposium

Journeys to the summits of psychology
Our editor reports from the awards sessions

For our own good?
Professor Gail Kinman (University of Bedfordshire) reports from a joint lecture.

Not just a name on a sheet of paper
Professor Gail Kinman reports from a symposium.

At the grassroots
Lexie Thorpe reports.

Up the women
Lexie Thorpe reports from a symposium at the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference, on 'women in the workplace: from barriers to solutions'.

Intersectional discourse
Lexie Thorpe reports from a symposium.

Revenge porn and hoarding
Gail Kinman rounds up from two more sessions.

Why (almost) everything you know about Milgram is wrong
Ella Rhodes reports from a Stephen Reicher keynote.

The postgraduate perspective
Recipients of the British Psychological Society's postdoctoral conference bursary give their highlights.

Broken systems: Hormones and suicide risk
Lexie Thorpe reports on a talk from Professor Daryl O'Connor .

Building for the future
Kate Brennan-Rhodes listens in to the top triumvirate.

The psychology of identity, policy and fake news
Kate Brennan-Rhodes reports .

Psychology in the community
Kate Brennan-Rhodes reports.

'Even the DSM recognises more than two'
Lexie Thorpe reports.

Being Muslim and white
Ella Rhodes reports.

The negative effects of social mobility
Ella Rhodes reports.

Leader labour
Ella Rhodes reports.

Body beautiful and cosmetic surgery
Ella Rhodes reports.

Microaggression and political leaning
Ella Rhodes on a talk by Craig Harper.

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