July 2018

Senior and Basic Grade Clinical / Educational Psychologists Senior Grade Clinical / Counselling Psychologist Basic Grade Clinical / Educational Psychologist at the Brothers of Charity Services Ireland.
The Routledge International Handbook of Critical Mental Health by Bruce M.Z. Cohen (Ed.) (Routledge; Hb £165.00, reviewed by Paul Moloney.
Our editor Jon Sutton meets existential therapist Emmy van Deurzen.
We hear from the organisational psychologist at the University of Edinburgh.
What's on his shelf?
We meet Cecilia Heyes.
The Learning Power Approach: Teaching Learners to Teach Themselves by Guy Claxton (Crown House; Pb £18.99), reviewed by Emeritus Professor Irvine Gersch.
The Origins of Happiness: The Science of Well-Being over the Life Course by Andrew E. Clark, Sarah Flèche, Richard Layard, Nattavudh Powdthavee & George Ward (Princeton University Press; Hb £27.00), reviewed by Vanessa Griffin.
Simon Baron-Cohen reviews a graphic offering on forgiveness by Masi Noor & Marina Cantacuzino; art by Sophie Standing (Singing Dragon; Hb £9.99).
The Psychologist A to Z continues.