June 2018

A response to our interview with Paul Gilbert, from Jasmin Kaur Gill.
Tom Farsides watches 'The Square', directed by Ruben Östlund.
Alexsandr Konokov and Sasha on their Goat Farm in Decyatny, Zhytomyr Oblast, following torture by separatists, 2017
Leanne Haywood visits an exhibition, 'Battle Against Stigma', at QUAD, Derby.
'Ghost Stories', a film directed by Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson; reviewed by Chris French.
Kate Johnstone watches 'Wild Wild Country' on Netflix.
Harry Farmer visits ‘Self-Impressions with the Institute of Philosophy, University of London’ at the Tate Modern.
The Emotional Learner: Understanding Emotions, Learning and Achievement by Marc Smith (Routledge; Pb £22.99), reviewed by Mary Prest.
Judged: The Value of Being Misunderstood, by Ziyad Marar (Bloomsbury Academic; Hb £20.00) reviewed by Dr Chris Timms.
The Nature of Human Intelligence, by Robert J. Sternberg (Ed.) (Cambridge University Press; Pb £26.99) reviewed by Guy Claxton.