June 2018

Ian Florance interviews Alan MacPherson, Co-Depute Head of the Institute for Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences.
Emma Palmer-Cooper on the value of working with members of the public as more than just the subjects of research.
Riya Yadav with a critical take on one of the psychoanalyst’s most controversial theories.
Jorina von Zimmermann and Daniel C. Richardson take us from fireflies to military parades.

As soon as we are in the presence of other human beings, we align our behaviours with them. Though often unintentional, powerful social signals are produced when we synchronise our actions...

Ella Rhodes reports from a keynote at the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference from Cathy Creswell.
Ella Rhodes reports from Brian Nosek's opening keynote at the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference.
Dan Johnson explores adversity in childhood.

The role of adversity in shaping who we become has been questioned for centuries by philosophers, since well before Shakespeare wrote of ‘a wretched soul, bruised with adversity’. Yet it is...

Joanna Wilde presents her ‘other CV’ – the personal events and motivations behind her career.
As the England men's football team prepare for the World Cup finals in Russia, Tim Callen offers five pieces of evidence-based advice.
Dr Stacey Bedwell (Lecturer in Psychology, Birmingham City University) visits an adults-only 'escape room' in Nottingham.