May 2018

Barbara and Michael Wilson watch 'A Love That Never Dies', produced by Beyond Goodbye Media.
Dr Chris Timms watches Channel 4's 'Married at First Sight'.
The Psychologist A to Z continues.
In the second article in our special collection on The New Psychology Of Health, Jolanda Jetten on when groups are disadvantaged and stigmatised.
S. Alexander Haslam introduces a special collection with his ‘Lists for Life’: what will kill you and what will make you stronger?

Over the past 50 years a huge body of evidence, dating back to Tajfel’s famous minimal group studies, has built up support for the idea that social identity a sense of ‘us-ness’ is central to...

Ella Rhodes reports from the British Psychological Society's Research Day at Senate House in London.
Our editor Jon Sutton meets Essi Viding (University College London).
A response to Graham Towl's article.