May 2018

Lauren Bishop on her move into ‘wellness coaching’ and what might come next.

It is not uncommon in The Psychologist to hear of ongoing frustrations on the route to becoming a clinical psychologist. But can the passion that pulls people to the profession take them down...

Simon Whalley works as a counselling psychologist at the House Partnership. While stressing that ‘the therapy is about the client, rather than us’, he answered our questions about his life as a psychologist.
From multi-talented technicians and undergraduate students placed at the heart of restorative justice to academics with decades of experience – the British Psychological Society’s award-winners have some fascinating stories. Our journalist Ella Rhodes spoke to them.
Dr Damian Milton watches Channel 4's 'Are you Autistic?'
New facility being built at Birkbeck, University of London.
Dr Anna Waters, Lead Psychologist for Performing Arts, at Chimp Management Ltd, encounters Great Apes at the Arcola Theatre in London.
Our editor Jon Sutton seeks to make sense of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.