October 2018

Horizon’s ‘A Week Without Lying’ (TV) Reviewed by Saima Azeem.
Sharp Objects (TV), reviewed by Kate Johnstone (Associate Editor for Culture).
BlacKkKlansman, directed by Spike Lee, reviewed by Niall James Holohan.
New exhibition features portraits of the Lothian Birth Cohorts.
Erica McInnis talks to Ian Florance about African psychology and her career.
The Psychologist A to Z continues.
Speakers from the 2018 British Psychological Society careers events, held in Newcastle and London later this year, wrote to their first-year selves.
Brian Hughes argues that we are prone to accentuating the positive, even when it comes to progress in improving our science.
David Bramwell on the strange world of Wilhelm Reich.
Q+A with Paul Howard-Jones, Professor of Neuroscience and Education at the University of Bristol.