December 2019

Ella Rhodes reports from a British Psychological Society Division of Occupational Psychology and Society of Occupational Medicine conference on remote and flexible working.
We dip into the Society member database and pick… Asweeni Jansdin Raj, an Assistant Psychologist at The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust.
Jonathon Rutherford on the atrocity of mental health care in the early 19th century.
Nadine Lavan, winner of the British Psychological Society’s Award for Outstanding Contributions through Doctoral Research, on voice perception.

We assume that it is easy to recognise others from their voice alone. Before the advent of caller display, you will have probably rung someone and announced ‘Hello, it’s me!’ Similarly, you...

Aaron Howard, an Assistant Psychologist, finds that Joker is uncomfortable yet progressive in its depiction of the realities of mental health.