February 2019

New POST notes in pipeline.
Ella Rhodes reports.
Ella Rhodes on the psychological impacts for children of undocumented parents.
Mandeep Singh and Niamh Doody on ‘conscious rap’.
Tania Bruguera: 10,148,451 at the Tate Modern; reviewed by Lucy Decker.
Tyranny of story, BBC Radio 4, reviewed by Kate Johnstone (Associate Editor for Culture).
The ABC Murders, BBC1, reviewed by Sally Marlow, Associate Editor for Culture.
Consciousness Demystified by Todd E. Feinberg & Jon M. Mallatt (MIT Press; Hb £20.00); reviewed by Andrew Hart.
The Disordered Mind: What Unusual Brains Tell Us About Ourselves by Eric A. Kandel (Robinson; Hb £20.00); reviewed Philip Corr.
We speak to Fiona Dunkley, author of Psychosocial Support for Humanitarian Aid Workers: A Roadmap of Trauma and Critical Incident Care (Routledge)