February 2019

Hugo Maximillian Metcalfe writes.
Ewen Rennie follows up a letter from our November issue.
Catrin Pedder Jones on challenges facing PhD students.
We meet Dr Rachel Bryant-Waugh.

Dr Rachel Bryant-Waugh tells Ian Florance: ‘I do feel hugely committed to Great Ormond Street . You get to meet extraordinary families and children and identify patterns of behaviour in often...

Ella Rhodes considers whether shadowy influencers are really pulling our strings.

More than 60 years on from the influential text about psychological manipulation in advertising, how has the landscape changed? Are we being pushed and pulled in ever-more fundamental...

Ella Rhodes reports from the Christmas Symposium of the British Neuroscience Association.
Our editor Jon Sutton meets independent practitioner educational psychologist Paul Curran.
Parastou Donyai considers strategies for understanding and tackling medication non-adherence.

Imagine a patient who is 60 and recovering from breast cancer. She was treated with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy six months ago. Sent home with a hormonal treatment, she was told to...

Elizabeth Valentine on Lucy G. Fildes.