Featured job: Clinical Child Psychologists

Employer: Cardinal Clinic

Martin Carroll, Director of Psychological Therapies at the Cardinal Clinic tells me: ‘This is an ideal job for people who want less red tape and to work more autonomously in their practice, while remaining part of a multi-disciplinary service. These are independent roles and would suit people who want to work part-time – some days, evenings, or weekends – to extend beyond an NHS or other job. We’re looking for chartered psychologists. Successful applicants will have five years’ experience, preferably CAMHs.’

Carroll explains a little more about the organisation and how this role fits in. ‘We’re a private mental health hospital offering the full range of services: from addictions and marital difficulties to ADHD and self-harm. These are offered via in-patient, out-patient and day-patient services. We were founded in 1976 so we have a lot of experience in these areas. However, the CAMHs team currently works entirely on an outpatient basis.’

Why are you advertising a role now? ‘We’ve seen a huge expansion nationally, so we need more independent psychologists to offer treatment. Referrals come into the clinic, are reviewed by a psychiatrist then referred on to one of our independent psychologists. But let me stress that we’re not simply a management organisation, doling out referrals and defining an approach. We are a business, but we’re run by clinicians and the independent practitioners define how the CAMHs service operates. We meet up every quarter, put on workshops for the local community and generally enjoy each other’s company. We all bring different styles, approaches and skills. The clinic also supports clinicians by offering administration and billing services, in-house training, professional development and internal supervision opportunities.’

Are you searching for specific interests or expertise? ‘No. It’s very much a generalist, multidisciplinary service and, for instance, we have people interested in neuropsychology, eating disorders and depression as well as family therapists. The team is made up of consultant child and adolescent psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists.’

Cardinal Clinic’s web site stresses its great environment: situated near Windsor in Bishops Lodge, a building with rural beginnings which dates back to the 1600s. The website gives a good impression of the clinic, one of which is backed up by Martin’s summing up. ‘Well, to misquote Hotel California by the Eagles “You can leave any time you like, but most people never do go!” – it is a genuinely autonomous collegial environment here.’

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