January 2019

'Rule Makers, Rule Breakers: How Culture Wires Our Minds, Shapes Our Nations, and Drives Our Differences' by Michele J. Gelfand (Robinson; Pb £13.99). Reviewed by Louise Beaton.
'The Neuroscience of Emotion' by Ralph Adolphs & David J. Anderson (Princeton University Press; Hb £35.00). Reviewed by Carolyn Saund.
'Abolishing the Concept of Mental Illness: Rethinking the Nature of Our Woes' by Richard Hallam (Routledge; Pb £31.99). Reviewed by Paul Moloney.
Pearlaine Christabel (Chrissie) Fitch.
'MeeTwo Teenage Mental Help Handbook' by Suzi Godson (Ed.) (MeeTwo Education; Pb £12.00). Reviewed by Jon Sutton; with online-only Q&A with the author.
We speak to Alan Baddeley, Professor at the University of York, about his new book Working Memories: Postmen, Divers and the Cognitive Revolution (Routledge).
Joe MacDonagh on the Hawthorne Studies – the origins of modern organisational research.

According to Roethlisberger & Dickson (1939), ‘Management should commit itself to the continuous process of studying human situations – both individual and group – and should run its human...

The Psychologist A to Z continues.
Martin Milton on what psychologists can learn from the Hanya Yanigihara novel.

He woke gasping for air: … He had visions of taking an ice pick and jamming it through his ear, into his brain to stop the memories. He dreamed of slamming his head against the wall until it...

One on one… with Peter Dillon-Hooper, who this month retires from the BPS and his post as Assistant Editor of The Psychologist after more than 20 years of service.