July 2019

Sally Marlow visits a Kate Cooper exhibition at the Hayward Gallery.
Alina Ivan visits the 'Brilliant Visions – Art, Mescaline, Psychiatry' exhibition at the Museum of the Mind.
Love and Angst runs at the British Museum until 21 July.
Rosa Cheesman and Alicia Peel (King’s College London) tune in to the BBC series ‘Mental Health and Me’.
How did child psychologists contribute to the Cold War discourse of ‘National Security’? Carolyn Laubender discusses the relationship between attachment theory and political anxieties about the protections offered by the nation state.
We dip into the Society member database and pick… Mike Eslea, University of Central Lancashire. With online extras.
Nathan Filer's book on schizophrenia is out now. We asked him some questions and reproduce an extract from the book.
Sally Marlow tunes in to Louis Theroux's 'Mothers on the Edge'.
Maya Gimalova and Martin Milton ask if psychologists are doing enough.
Ian Florance interviewed Hannah Newman, whose PhD examines the ‘idea of female strength and power... by looking at female strength athletics or strongwoman events.’ Hannah’s combination of interests – including LGBT+ rights, what legal gender means in a demographically diverse society, the role of sports in society – touches on many current issues where psychologists may have a key role.