‘We are Psychologists…’

A new film from the British Psychological Society.

We are Compassionate, Curious, Caring.

‘Psychologists are people who think about thinking… we have an intense curiosity about people and a strong desire to help others understand why we do what we do.’

‘Psychology is everywhere. We invented the tea break in factories, we changed the face of criminal investigation, and we made advertising a whole lot more effective...
sorry about that.’

‘No, we can’t read your mind, but we can help you to understand it better.’

‘Every day, psychologists are working to tackle stigma, to find answers, to learn more about our behaviour as humans.’

The British Psychological Society has produced a short film to showcase the diversity of the psychologists. The film, which was written by members, also starred members, including Dr Hamira Riaz, Dr Dan O’Hare, Professor Carolyn Mair, Steven Sylvester, Zak Sylvester, Jo Hemmings and Lloyd Emeka.

Watch it now via tinyurl.com/WeArePsych

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