June 2019

Arathy Puthillam responds to a letter on psychology's WEIRDness.
Dr Nina Browne on 'letting go of the script'.
Ella Rhodes on 'vaccine hesitancy'.
Emotional shorts (podcast) by the Centre for the History of the Emotions; reviewed by Alina Ivan.
An exclusive chapter from 'All the Ghosts in the Machine: Illusions of Immortality in the Digital Age', by Elaine Kasket (courtesy of Robinson).
Ahead of his appearance for us at this summer’s event, Professor Andrew Przybylski (Director of Research at the Oxford Internet Institute) picks three myths around screen time – and how science, and some common sense, can help.
#Upcycle your job by Anna Meller (Practical Inspiration); Reviewed by Emily Hutchinson.
Becoming Human: A Theory of Ontogeny by Michael Tomasello (Belknap Press of Harvard University Press). Reviewed by Kim A. Bard and David A. Leavens.
The First Minds: Caterpillars, Karyotes, and Consciousness by Arthur S. Reber (Oxford University Press); reviewed by Jason Tougaw.
Professor of Biological Psychology, University of Bristol