March 2019

Dr Rebecca Courtney-Walker, Chair of the British Psychological Society's Prescribing Rights Task & Finish Group.
Ella Rhodes on a British Psychological Society call for a national voice in the debate.
…for Dr Katie Robb.
Ella Rhodes on a survey led by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Prescribed Drug Dependence.
'I Object - Ian Hislop's search for dissent', an exhibition at the British Museum, visited by Ciara Wild.
Three Identical Strangers, directed by Tim Wardle, reviewed by Wendy Lloyd.
Ella Rhodes on the ‘Hospital Rooms’ art project.
Ella Rhodes reports on American Psychological Association guidelines.
Elian Fink and Claire Hughes review the evidence.

A strong tradition of psychological research demonstrates the central role of friendships for children’s developing social, emotional and cognitive skills. Yet media hubbub surrounded the...

Chris Ferguson washes his hands of ‘science laundering’: cleaning up messy data for public consumption.