May 2019

Steve Reicher, Alex Haslam and Jay Van Bavel on the Christchurch massacre and toxic leadership.
Ewan Morrison’s novel Nina X is about a woman who was born and raised in a cult. We asked him about the links between mental health and his art. Includes extract.
Our psychiatric future: The politics of mental health by Nikolas Rose (Polity Press; £17.99); reviewed by Richard Hallam.
Powering Up Children: The Learning Power Approach to Primary Teaching by Guy Claxton & Becky Carlzon (Crown House Publishing; £16.99); reviewed by Marc Smith.
Bodies and Other Objects: The Sensorimotor Foundations of Cognition by Rob Ellis (Cambridge University Press; £85); reviewed by Tom Dickins.
Distress in the City: Racism, fundamentalism and a democratic education by Linden West (Trentham Books; £24.99); reviewed by Mark H. Burton.
We hear from members of the British Psychological Society’s Policy Team…
David Lewis-Hodgson on how both sides in World War I sought to explain and ‘treat’ its trauma.
Consultant Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist, transitioning into retirement.
We hear from Robin Dundas, 2018 winner of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Counselling Psychology annual award for carer and service user involvement.