November 2019

Your annual chance to get those creative juices flowing…
Social Psychology Technician.
The debate over the legacy of Hans Eysenck continues, with contributions from John Hall and Anna Scarnà.
'Another Me’ is the 2019 UK exhibition of the Koestler Trust’s work produced by people in detention. Reviewed by Rosie Meek.
Reasons to stay alive at Studio Theatre, Sheffield, reviewed by Annie Brookman-Byrne.
The Science of Storytelling: Why Stories Make Us Human, and How to Tell Them Better by Will Storr (HarperCollins; £12.99); reviewed by Annie Brookman-Byrne, Deputy Editor.
The Spider’s Thread: Metaphor in Mind, Brain, and Poetry by Keith J. Holyoak (MIT Press; £27.00); Reviewed by Cathy Rogers.
Dr Janet Bultitude is Director of Public Engagement for the University of Bath’s Psychology department. She recently won the Leadership Award at the university’s Public Engagement Awards. As told to Ella Rhodes.
A think tank has recommended that working into older age can benefit health and wellbeing. Ella Rhodes asked psychologists what they made of the Centre for Social Justice recommendations.
Our journalist Ella Rhodes reports on a Public Health England review of withdrawal effects, and speaks to a British Psychological Society representative from the expert reference group – Professor John Read.