November 2019

Alina Ivan (King's College London) visits the 'Art & Protest' exhibition at the Bethlem Gallery.
David Frayne, author of The Work Cure, talks to our Associate Editor Emily Hutchinson.
Our journalist Ella Rhodes talks to psychologists to get some evidence-based tips.
Sarah Chaney on gender, self-harm and attention-seeking behaviour.
We dip into the Society member database and pick… Sidney Irvine, former Professor of Differential Psychology, University of Plymouth, and consultant. Includes online extras.
Ian Florance talked to Yvette Bates about her role as Senior Forensic Psychologist at HMP Dovegate, which is run by Serco on behalf of the Ministry of Justice.
Emily Farran on navigation and the spatial domain in neurodevelopmental disorders.

Navigation – the ability to find our way through large-scale space – is one of our everyday activities. We take for granted that we can travel to work, navigate the aisles in a supermarket. ...

An edited transcript of Professor Andrew Przybylski’s session at Latitude Festival this summer. Our editor Jon Sutton introduced the talk and hosted the audience questions at the end.

Since 2015, we’ve had a presence at Latitude Festival. We seek to cover topics families are talking...

For two decades Professor Becky Milne (University of Portsmouth) has worked to improve police interviewing of witnesses in the midst of crises. Ella Rhodes met her.
Sophie Turnbull on Just-In-Time Adaptive Interventions.