October 2019

The Feeling of Life Itself, by Christof Koch, is out now, published by The MIT Press. We asked him some big questions.
We dip into the Society member database and pick… Dr Michelle Hamill, consultant clinical psychologist at East London NHS Foundation Trust. With online extras.
Liam Cross and Gray Atherton write.
Nick Chater on the perils of looking under our glittering surface.

Faces are everywhere. Humans have faces, of course; so do other mammals, birds, fish and even insects. Faces emerge from scrambled drawings, cartoons, Cubist paintings, and the ‘smileys’ and...

Carolyn Mair on a ‘technology of our inner self’.
Nathan Smith gets to the bottom of how we might reach what’s way above…

Long duration space travel will bring particular psychological challenges. Can the study of human performance in ‘analogue’ situations – including caving and Antarctic expeditions – prepare us...

Ciaran O’Keeffe on the appeal, and how things change.
Laura Walton takes psychology underwater.
We preview 'On Edge: Living in an Age of Anxiety' at Science Gallery London, a new exhibition advised by psychologist Thalia Eley and others; now with update, a review from Alina Ivan.
Kate Johnstone watches 'This Way Up' on Channel 4.