September 2019

Andrew M. Colman, David F. Marks, Chris McVittie and Dr Richard Smith write, and the Society replies.
Our editor Jon Sutton introduces a special collection on psychological attempts to shift attitudes and behaviour amongst the next generation.
Dan O’Hare is a Chartered Educational Psychologist working for an English Local Authority and as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Bristol. He currently volunteers with TIGER, a Bristol-based cooperative, mostly delivering workshops in schools.
'D for Diagnosis' on BBC Radio 4, reviewed by Kate Johnstone.
Ella Rhodes attends a screening and discussion around '55 Steps', directed by Bille August.
'Values in psychological science: Re-imagining epistemic priorities at a new frontier', by Lisa M. Osbeck (Cambridge University Press; £80); reviewed by Phil Loring.
'A History of Modern Psychology' by Per Saugstad (Cambridge University Press; Hb £115), and 'Our Minds, Our Selves: A Brief History of Psychology' by Keith Oatley (Princeton University Press; Hb £24); reviewed by Adrian C. Brock.
British Psychological Society’s Division of Counselling Psychology annual award for Community and Carer Involvement.