Editor's Column, April 2020

Jon Sutton introduces the issue.

Our March issue received what you might call a mixed reaction on social media. There’s a lot I could, and indeed did, say about this: including continuing the discussions offline where possible. Engaging has been useful, and has raised fascinating questions around what The Psychologist / the Society / Psychology / Science are and should be, and who gets to shape that.

Several people urged us to ‘stick to science’ in our pages. We’re still pondering what this actually means, particularly for a magazine which unapologetically features psychologists, their identities, beliefs, motivations, interests…

It’s our usual mix of the professional and personal this month, including a special on vision and perception research (‘science’?!). We also consider how The Psychologist and Research Digest have changed while Catherine Loveday has been Chair of our Advisory Commitee. She’s done so much for us, and for me in a good chunk of my 20 (yikes) years in post. Thank you Catherine!

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor @psychmag


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