April 2020

Ella Rhodes collates a series of contributions from those researching vision and perception.
In 2012 Robert McIntosh and Sergio Della Sala, both at the University of Edinburgh, published an article in The Psychologist on mirror-writing, which has had a surprising impact. The article is the most read piece on our website ever; viewed hundreds of thousands of times, and still getting around 10,000 views a month. We caught up recently with the authors, to talk about the article’s success, and to get an update on any developments in the field.
Our editor Dr Jon Sutton in conversation with Professor Catherine Loveday, Chair of the Psychologist and Digest Editorial Advisory Committee.
Emma Young digests the research.
Psychologists are actively working on the response to Covid-19, and psychological theory / research is relevant in many ways… this page will serve as a growing resource collecting those contributions.
Martin Seager and John Barry on 'cognitive distortions' around gender.
Our editor Jon Sutton visits Van Gogh - The Immersive Exhibition.
An appreciation from Mark Williams.
Georgia Jerwood visits Genders: Shaping and Breaking the Binary, at Science Gallery London.