December 2020

We dip into the Society member database and pick out… Professor Julie Turner-Cobb at Bournemouth University. With online extras.
A tribute from his wife and fellow Psychologist, Denise Johnson.
Liza Morton on ableism in Psychology, reflecting on her lived experience of navigating a career in Psychology whilst living with a serious lifelong heart condition.
'Dick Johnson is Dead' is a Netflix original; filmed, produced and directed by Kirsten Johnson, about her Dad's dementia. Our editor Jon Sutton asked her about it.
Dr Anita Freeman with an account of an arts and health collaboration within a NHS paediatric HIV clinic.
Karen Wetherall watches 'I made this for you', a British feature film that tackles mental health, depression and suicide.
Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh on psychology’s role in tackling climate change. As told to Deputy Editor Annie Brookman-Byrne.
Dr Rosie Jones considers peaceful protests, the law and the Health and Care Professions Council: what are the lessons for psychologists? Questions from Dr Roger Paxton, Chair of the British Psychological Society's Ethics Committee.