Featured job: Regional Wellbeing Services Manager

Employer: Outcomes First Group.

Sam Rennells, National Wellbeing Manager at Outcomes First Group, is clear that ‘this is a really exciting role. If we get the right person they can really innovate.’

I asked him to explain the wellbeing approach of the Outcomes First Group. ‘It aims to address the whole person, not just from a purely clinical perspective but starting with biological aspects then moving on to physiological and psychological symptoms. It’s about the way that every single member of staff works with children, young people and adults who we educate and care for. We approach this from a multidisciplinary perspective: not just putting together a team with different clinical expertise to work together. There is an overall therapeutic approach and any member of the team must be able to walk into any context – care home, school or foster home – and feel expertly equipped.’ 

‘This role is based at Acorn Park in Norwich – an independent, specialist day and residential school that caters for children and young people aged 6-19 years who have communication and learning challenges associated with Autism. We aim to be a fully integrated community being made up of a range of professionals to meet the diverse needs of our children, young people and families that we support. Acorn Park Adult Services cares for adults aged 18-65.

What will the role involve? ‘They will sit on the senior management team where their priority is to focus the team on the therapeutic culture of the community. Whatever decisions they make must contribute to that therapeutic culture.’

‘Second, this person will manage a hugely diverse team of specialist clinicians. They have a number of roles here. They ensure that all their colleagues treat in a therapeutic way: they instil and uphold a team culture. They also manage, supervise and educate staff in our way of working: the models and assessments we use and the clinical services we deliver.’

What will the successful candidate bring to the job? ‘The advertisement makes it clear that they need expertise and experience in a clinically related area.  But, given the role I’ve outlined, they must combine clinical expertise with real communication skills. I can’t stress enough that approachability and the ability to respond to staff concerns in a down-to-earth way are critical here. They must not get fazed by dealing with individuals who, often, have complex difficulties. In essence they must combine real interpersonal skills with a therapeutic, not too medicalised approach.’

The Outcomes First Group efficiently and effectively support their staff in every way. 

To sum up Sam says, ‘It’s a great environment to work in and you’re in at the beginning of something extremely exciting.’

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