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Launch of Member Connect for British Psychological Society members.

The BPS has recently launched a new online community for members to connect and share ideas. Member Connect follows the launch of similar forums for student members and members of the Division of Clinical Psychology – with the new site open to all BPS members.  

Digital Projects Manager Linda Corrie said the community was initially intended to provide members with a place to connect and discuss changes in the BPS, but the Covid-19 outbreak shifted the focus slightly. ‘We decided it was still a good time to launch as, now more than ever, it is a time where people want to stay connected and our new online community provides our members with a space for them to connect, discuss relevant topics, stay up-to-date with the latest from the BPS and share their ideas. Hence the community is now open to members sharing and discussing a wider range of topics than originally planned.’  

Member Connect will still be used for its initially-intended purpose, allowing the Society to share updates from its change programme, as well as its future plans and asking members to help inform those plans. The Psychologist will also be using the new community to source ideas and content, and to keep in closer contact with readers.

The community already has more than 1200 new members – many of whom have spoken of their gratitude for the platform. ‘We have had a really positive response from members – many saying that this is a great idea especially during these unprecedented circumstances.’

To join, simply log in ( using your usual BPS website credentials.

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