June 2020

Anne Templeton has suggestions to build inclusive supervision environments.

If we want to dismantle inequality and build a more inclusive discipline then it is time to reflect on the issues of sexism and power dynamics that still persist, identify ways to improve, and...

Rupert Brown considers the life and legacy of Henri Tajfel (1919-1982).
… and tackling it requires reckoning with the past that brought us here, argue Jacy L.Young and Peter Hegarty.

A psychologist (a man) brings you (a woman undergraduate student) into the laboratory and asks you to read aloud to them a series of 12 explicit sexual words and two sexually graphic passages...

An appreciation from Dr Tadhg MacIntyre.
Liam Cross gets in sync in search of solutions to intergroup conflict.

Every known culture engages in acts of rhythmic synchrony. Coordinated displays are even speculated to have been an early method of communication that may pre-date language. Locking in with...

Dean Fathers didn’t train in psychology, but during his discussion with Ian Florance it became clear that he has a clear vision of the role of psychologists and, more widely, of health provision within society.
Richard Wiseman on a new tool for teaching and outreach.
An appreciation from Dorothy Bishop.
Nick Wood watches Noughts + Crosses.
Joanna Griffin on emotional wellbeing in parents of disabled children.

When I had children, you know, it was going to be sand holidays, rock pools, drinking cocoa watching the stars… as opposed to running through the house trying to prevent a three-year-old from...