Editor's column, May 2020

Jon Sutton introduces the issue.

Whenever you write an editorial, you're unsure of the world your words will land in when they hit the doormats in two to three week's time. But never has that been more true than now… as I compose this, I have no idea how coronavirus will have contined to spread, infecting so many aspects of our daily lives. I can't even be sure we will be able to get this issue to you (in hard copy, anyway). 

At the moment we continue to work remotely. We have been blown away by the contributions of psychologists to the frontline response, to evidence-based perspectives for our website, and to attempts to 'stay together apart' by maintaining important social identities in times of distancing. [In particular, see the phenomenal collage by Dr Emma Norris, created from back issues of the magazine, above.] 

We thought that the best approach to this edition, in uncertain and changing times, might be to reflect those contributions before moving on to the sunneir uplands of play, laughing babies, compassion, heroism, art and more.

We're reaching out from afar, and thank all of you reaching back and out.

Also, we really need your help. We're planning a special July/August edition, and are looking for contributions on three aspects – the 'new normal'; changing landscapes, 2040 visions; and your artistic contributions to staying together apart. Find more information here, and please get in touch!

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor

[email protected]

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