May 2020

Isobel Todd watches In Loco Parentis, Vincent Dance Theatre, at the Connaught Theatre, Worthing.
Agrippina, an opera by Handel, was broadcast live from the Metropolitan Opera on 29 February. Terri Apter (University of Cambridge) considers what the character of this tiger mother tells us about mothers and their sons.
Dr Richard G. Ford is a corporate psychologist specialising in leadership coaching and senior executive assessments, and his book on ‘How Leadership Reputations are Won and Lost’ is out now (Libri Publishing). This book gets to grips with how and why careers are successful, falter or plateau; how our reputation is formed in the real world, and what makes the difference between winning and losing a reputation; and how to take control to manage and develop your reputation and build a personal brand.
Zoe Sanderson (University of Bristol) meets Professor Frederik Anseel, current President of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, who will hold their biennial conference in Glasgow in 2021.
Robert MacRory-Crowley and Kevin O’Malley on ‘heroism science’, ahead of its third biennial conference at the University of Limerick.

From Hercules slaying the Nemean Lion, Joan of Arc rousing France or Nelson Mandela fighting apartheid, heroes have captured imaginations and animated movements for millennia. But what makes a...