November 2020

Jennifer O’Mahoney on narrative psychology and historical institutional abuse.

Narrative psychology allows us to look back at historical abuses by focusing on the important role of personal stories for social change, grounding research in people’s experiences and how...

Ian Florance meets Christian van Nieuwerburgh, who is, amongst other roles, Professor of Coaching and Positive Psychology at the University of East London.
We dip into the Society member database and pick out… Dr Richard Skelton, a Child and Educational Psychologist at ‘The Educational Psychologists’. With online extras.
Michael Billig turns to historical studies of writing psychology to argue for ‘more examples, less theory’ in this extended and adapted extract from his new book.
Kirstie Whitaker and Olivia Guest ask how open ‘open science’ really is.
Ella Rhodes on the formation and work of the UK Trauma Council.
Professor Mary Aiken watches a Netflix offering on the impact of social networking.
Deputy Editor Annie Brookman-Byrne reports from ‘Connecting individuals, families and communities in changing and challenging times’, an online event in place of the BPS Social Psychology Section annual conference.
Khadija Rouf argues that there is 'a real, and as yet, unnamed form of prejudice and discrimination against people who are survivors'.
A letter from Dr Jermaine Ravalier.