Dr Philip Henshaw 1964-2020

A tribute to the Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

It is with great sadness to learn of the untimely death of our friend and colleague Dr Philip Henshaw in April 2020.  

He was always stoic during his latter year of ill health and as throughout his life, concern for others came first.  

He was a successful and skilled Clinical Psychologist and spent most of his career supporting patients and staff in HIV and Sexual Health Services in the NHS in London and Brighton. He was passionate about challenging stigma and discrimination affecting those he worked with. He managed psychology teams and trained and inspired many coming into the field.  

Phil contributed greatly to the fields of psychology and physical health care. He was an active member of the BPS Faculty of HIV and Sexual Health and contributed to research projects, various international and national guidelines and conferences. His focus was always on the clients we serve and he never sought the limelight, instead he focused on developing a body of knowledge to improve services to often marginalized and stigmatized groups of people.

However, this is not a CV and certainly Phil’s would be too long to print here. So rather we wish to recall the qualities by which he will be most remembered. His humanity, wisdom, sage advice and compassion, his immense sense of humour and cheeky smile, his kindness and generosity, his creativity and dedication, his calm approach, his sense of adventure, and capacity to make challenging times, fun for us all.  

He was deeply valued by clients and colleagues alike and had the rare ability to always remain himself, whether in his clinical work, as a supervisor, manager or colleague. Many will have enjoyed those nights out with Phil in various pubs and clubs, remembered as legendary by various psychology teams.        

You shall be missed Phil, but never forgotten and always loved.

Our warmest wishes and condolences to Phil’s husband Andrew, all his family, and beloved dog, George Jr.  

- Dr Jenny Petrak, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, British Columbia, Canada; Dr Angela Byrne, Clinical Psychologist, London; Dr Tomás Campbell, Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Neuropsychologist, Faculty of HIV & Sexual Health, London

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