September 2020

A tribute to the Consultant Clinical Psychologist.
We collate letters in response to the killing of George Floyd. From the British Psychological Society's Division of Counselling Psychology Black and Asian Counselling Psychologists' Group; Anonymous; Halina Bryan; Khadj Rouf; Vaughan Bell; Rosabel Ng; and Shameema Yousuf.
A tribute from Fiona Williams and Rosie Travers.
Joanne A. Rathbone, Jolanda Jetten, Fiona Kate Barlow, and Jasmine Russell challenge the assumptions of anti-obesity campaigns.
Deputy Editor Annie Brookman-Byrne asked Professor Stefan Van der Stigchel about his new book Concentration: Staying Focused in Times of Distraction (MIT Press).
Adrian Needs considers the processes at play in equine-assisted learning with members of the armed forces.

I first became aware of Tower House Horses through a liaison, diversion and peer mentoring initiative, led by Hampshire County Council, for veterans in contact with the criminal justice system...