Summer 2020

Collecting together our special summer print edition, with a few extras.
To tie in with the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference theme of 'Psychology of the future: Changing landscapes', we asked contributors for their '2040 visions'.
...from Jolanda Jetten, Stephen Reicher, Alex Haslam and Tegan Cruwys.

Yeah it’s your life do whatever you want, but you are now responsible for my life.... We started saying, ‘It’s not about me it’s about we.’ Get your head around the we concept. It’s not all...

An introduction to a special themed issue, 'Towards a new normal, and beyond', from Dr Jon Sutton.
We hear from Emma Coulson, Service Development Manager at The Forward Trust, about a new role in changing times…
Linda Kaye on putting our online data to work.

It's 2040. You're still working in Psychology, but it has changed. How?

The second edition of Social Psychology and Everyday Life, by Darrin Hodgetts, Ottilie Stolte, Christopher Sonn, Neil Drew, Stuart Carr and Linda Waimarie Nikora, published by Red Globe Press/Macmillan Education, is out now. Ottilie (University of Waikato) and Darrin (Massey University Albany) reflect on aspects of the book that speak to the role of home in response to Covid-19.
Gavin Miller considers science fiction and psychology.

Modern psychology begins in the late 19th century, with the work of Wilhelm Wundt and William James. The same period also sees the origins of modern science fiction: James’s The Principles of...