It's 2040. Psychology has changed. How?

To tie in with the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference theme of 'Psychology of the future: Changing landscapes', we asked contributors for their '2040 visions'.

The British Psychological Society's Conference 2020 should have taken place in Leeds on 30 June and 1 July, with the theme 'Psychology of the future: Changing landscapes'. It went ahead online, and you can find coverage here on our website. 

In our special summer print edition, themed entirely around 'Towards the new normal, and beyond', we published several contributions answering the question 'It's 2040. You're still working in Psychology, but it has changed. How?'

The winning entries from a BPS Conference 2020 student competition, around the theme of Psychology of the Future: Changing Landscapes.
Linda Kaye on putting our online data to work.
As psychologists working clinical health, we have been close to the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic and the lessons that are ours to seize and hold on to. We have dared to imagine a progressive (perhaps utopian?) future, written from the perspective of a new graduate, and we invite you come along with us…
Jan Maskell with two visions from a warming planet.
Sally Zlotowitz, with thanks to Ebinehita Iyere and Rachel McKail from MAC-UK.
Roxane Gervais on flexibility and leadership.
Alison Clarke with a call to action.
Prof-bots or a psychologically informed future? You decide, says Angel Chater.
New British Psychological Society President Dr Hazel McLaughlin follows up last month’s interview with a focus on change and the future.
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Our editor Jon Sutton hears from Kathryn Scott, Director of Policy for the British Psychological Society.
Gavin Miller considers science fiction and psychology.
Illustration: Nick Taylor
We would be happy to consider more contributions on this theme. What have we missed? Engage on Twitter @psychmag

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