Summer 2020

Tanya Bhavani on isolation-themed offerings from the Scottish Mental Health and Arts Festival.
Helen Johnson considers how psychologists can foster a relationship with the arts that nourishes all.
For this edition, in place of our usual ‘Member of the month’, we thought we would put out a question on Twitter via @psychmag…
Gemma Milne looks at how hype can blinker our understanding of what’s going on.
New British Psychological Society President Dr Hazel McLaughlin follows up last month’s interview with a focus on change and the future.
Can psychology save the world in a ‘new normal’? Lee Rowland curates 10 quotes…
Roger Paxton thinks a better society is not just possible but likely.
Kim Stephenson and Pradnya Surana on the importance of reframing our relationship with money in pandemic times.
Ella Rhodes hears from those working on bereavement during the pandemic and beyond.
As lockdown began, The Psychologist team set to work collecting evidence-based perspectives on coronavirus and the pandemic response for our website. At the time of writing, there are more than 90 views, interviews and more gathered there, from more than 120 psychologists. We are very grateful to all who gave their time and expertise so generously during challenging times.