From the Editor, April 2021

Dr Jon Sutton introduces the issue.

On The Psychologist we’re perhaps more aware of cycles and the passing of time than most. Over the years we’ve been driven by a monthly schedule, which has then become weekly, daily and eventually getting on for hourly in terms of output. So in this issue we’re keen on two features that consider how we think and act in cycles, and how time can be a subjective experience.

We had nearly half a million users on The Psychologist website during January and February, up 50 per cent on the same period last year. Social media reach has similarly exploded.

But we put as much love and attention as ever into packed and diverse print editions which feature so many of your voices. Just yesterday a reader described us as ‘a barometer of the health of the discipline/BPS and our/its direction of travel’. To continue the mixed metaphor, I would add that the team willingly shoulder that ever-interesting burden in the knowledge that your wind behind our sails keep the wheels turning, time after time.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor @psychmag

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